Coffee Break Python Workbook PDF

Coffee Break Python Workbook PDF Free Download
coffee break python workbook pdf free download
eBook: Coffee Break Python Workbook: 127 Python Puzzles to Push You from Zero to Hero in Your Coffee Breaks PDF by Mayer

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About This Premium eBook:

What will you get out of the book?

- Improve your level of deep Python code understanding.

- Surprise your peers with your newly acquired code speed reading skills.

- Enjoy the small daily doses of intellectual challenges. A Finxter once called it "Sudoku for coders"! ;)

- Improve your brain's working memory by hammering down the most important concepts.

- Learn all the basic Python syntax elements.

- Discover your own skill level by tracking your puzzle-solving performance.

- Compare your skill level against other coders: are you a grandmaster of code?

- Enjoy the fun of rushing over Python -- from "hello world" to "recursive Quicksort".

- Get your dream job and rock future code interviews! The book is curated from reddit, github and web. Download free pdf from the below given link. 

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July 25, 2021


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