What Are The Best IoT Courses Available Online?

What Are The Best IoT Courses Available Online?

Best Available Internet of Things (IoT) Courses are

1. On Coursera

Coursera provides a range of online IoT courses. From specialization to general courses, there is a selection available from beginner to advanced levels.

These are some Coursera courses available:
Users can enroll with Coursera for free.

2. On Edx

EdX offers multiple online courses that at least touch on IoT, such as computer science, which includes a range of IoT modules to choose from.

The courses will best be suited for self-starters who wish to learn at their own pace.

The courses include:
Most courses are free, with an additional charge to add a verified certificate.

3. On Udemy

Udemy offers a huge variety of different tech courses. Many of these cover the internet of things. Here are some of the top contenders.
Content: 3.5 hours of video content.

Skill level: Basic programming knowledge advised.
Content: 9 hours of video content.

Skill level: All levels.
Content: 3 hours of video content

Skill level: Beginner.
Content: 3.5 hours of video content

Skill level: Intermediate

4. On Alison

Alison courses are well-recognized around the world. They currently offer an excellent course entitled Internet of Things and the cloud.

The course is split into 3 modules.
This course is of particular interest to people who would like to learn more about the functionality of IoT and the cloud.

5. On Lynda

LinkedIn Learning (previously Lynda) is a learning resource hub with over 6,000 expert-led courses. You can try the first month for free to make sure that you enjoy the format before signing up for an annual membership.

They have various different IoT courses. Here are our top three.
Skill level: Beginner

Taught by: Bruce Sinclair
Skill level: Intermediate

Taught by: Lisa Bock
Skill level: Intermediate

Taught by: Michael Lehman

Apart from this, there are other resources which are mentioned below

Some important question-answers available on Quora are

Tutorials which I found best on the internet are

So, these are few online IoT courses and some other resources available on the Internet.

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