Which companies are hiring the most data scientists?

Which companies are hiring the most data scientists?

Which companies are hiring the most data scientists?

What do you think which companies are hiring the most data scientist? To answer this question, we are here. So Let's get started.

According to Diffbot, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft are among those tech giants that employ a large number of data scientists, architects, engineers, and database administrators.

With data scientists topping the list of best jobs in the United States for the past few years, there has been an explosion of interest in this field, and many recent graduates are looking for the best job opportunities in this field.

Diffbot examined data from its artificial intelligence curated database to find the number of employees with the job title related to Big data work, and also the companies that hire most for positions related to data science.

According to the report, across all the titles - Data Scientist, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Database Administrator, Machine Learning, Big Data Engineer, and AI Engineer- Here are the companies with the largest data-related workfirms:

1. IBM (2,563 data workers)

2. Amazon (1,846 data workers)

3. Microsoft (1,800 data workers)

4. Facebook (1,220 data workers)

5. Oracle (1,210 data workers)

6. Google (904 data workers)

7. Apple (568 data workers)

This three job titles across the whole list are the most common i.e. data scientists, data engineers, and database administrators. If in any condition you remove the "Database Administrator" from search, Microsoft becomes the company with the most data-related employees on staff, with 1,992 posts.

According to a gender imbalance report, all data-related positions are maintained: across every job title, gender division never reaches above 3: 1 male-to-female ratio. The database administrator has the most fair division of the group, at 75% of the men and 25% of the women, while the big data engineer is the worst, at 87% of the men and 13% of the women.

In terms of location, United States is the leader of all countries. When it comes to employing data talent, there are more than 152,068 employees working in this field, followed by India (27,602), Britain (16,106), and France (10,297).

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