Israel begins to add AI in Spice Bombs

Israel begins to add AI in Spice Bombs

Israel begins to add AI in Spice Bombs

Israel begins to add Artificial Intelligence in their Spice bombs to make it more efficient. 

Bombs will become smarter? What? Yes, It is strange but it is true. After addition of AI in bombs, it will be more accurate, smarter and intelligent as compared to earlier one.

An Israeli defense firm, Rafael announced on Monday that it has successfully demonstrated a new "automatic target recognition" capability, that depends on artificial intelligence and machine learning for the latest version of its SPICE family of guided air to ground bombs. It is believed that the Indian Air Force have used the SPICE bomb in its attack on the camp of Jaish-e-Mohammed in Balakot in February.

SPICE is a short form of Smart Precise Impact and Cost Effective. There are three versions of Spice which involve SPICE-2000, SPICE-1000 and SPICE-250. The numbers after the name shows the weight of arms in pounds. The SPICE-250, which weights around 113kg is the latest version of the SPICE family. This was the version tested by Raphael with Artificial Intelligence technology.

SPICE-1000 and SPICE-2000 are essentially unguided bombs that have been fitted with additional guidance - including electro-optical seekers, inertial navigation, GPS- and tailfin. On the contrary, SPICE-250 is a complete tailor-made bomb system which can expose up to a range of 100 km.

In Rafael's statement it was reported on Monday that the new automatic target identification capability of SPICE-250 "is a technological breakthrough, which allows SPICE-250 to learn the specific target characteristics ahead of the strike, using advanced AI and deep-learning technologies". The new automatic goal identification capability also allows you to destroy moving targets.

Rafael explained that the SPICE-250 bombs loaded on an aircraft are each assigned a target and information about it by the pilot before they are launched. When approaching the target area, the weapons use the automatic target recognition for detection and recognition of the targets. Each weapon homes in on the predefined target, aided by the automatic target recognition software.

In addition to its large range, the small size of the SPICE-250, which can be equipped with general-purpose or penetration warheads, allows multiple weapons to be taken by the same fighter aircraft, greatly enhances the versatility. The small size of the warhead also reduces security damage. A Rafael brochure claimed that a single F-16 fighter could carry 16 SPICE-250 bombs.

In February 2016, media agencies had claimed that India was negotiating with Israel for a larger order of SPICE-250 bomb.

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