Here's How AI Chatbots can Boost your E-commerce Sales

Here's How AI Chatbots can Boost your E-commerce Sales

Is there any requirement to integrate ChatBoot on my e-commerce or any other listing website? Is there any benefit of doing this? These are the questions that we get from our customers. And our answers are always "yes", not because we are in this industry. But, because we believe in AI-Bot technology.

Increasing the sales of e-commerce is not easy, and there are more than 110,000 e-commerce websites, with this type of competition in the market, revenue generation via e-commerce is not easy. Therefore, to separate yourself from the down-going pack, you have to be extraordinary in terms of your products and services.

The e-commerce market is currently booming at the most recent technology that is "Chatbots". You want to know why? 

Because Chatbots are promoting a seamless shopping experience for shoppers, and e-commerce websites can effectively take advantage of the technology to provide a more satisfying shopping experience than ever before.

There are several ways to use Chatbot for your e-commerce solution - hereby listing the 6 best and skilled ones. 

1. Product Recommendations

Suggesting the product to your customers can affect the overall customer experience. With a lot of product recommendations, your customers may anger and it may shut down your website.

Kik bot

H&M's Kik bot helps to avoid this problem. Kik produces outfits together on the basis of past purchases of customers. Instead of working as a pushy salesman, Kik comes out as a personal fashion consultant. It provides a personalized experience by introducing new products to the clients.

2. Makes Ordering Easy

3 out of every 5 smartphone user uses messaging apps. But switching between the apps to place an order while chatting is anger producing. But now this issue has been taken care of.

Taco Bell has introduced its Slack Integrated Chatbot called Tacobot, where customers can use the app while working. And also nowadays almost all the smartphones comes with the feature of half screen. You can use two apps simultaneously on one screen.

Taco bot

The Tacobot allows customers to buy their products without losing any communication with their favorite apps. Meanwhile, the store also becomes more and more accessible.

3. Upselling & Cross-Selling

Chatbots have the advantage of a clock communication channel with users. Chatbots can serve multiple uses, from offering assistance with basic queries and complaints, to upselling and cross-selling the products. This is a way to take advantage of power of Chatbots to promote website’s revenue.

When a user is on an e-store site in search of a specific category of products, the bot can up-sell with increased features and capabilities.


Bots can also cross-sell products by empowering the customers to make an expensive purchase. These recommendations can be removed from pre-setting product matches based on specifications.

4. Prevent Shopping Cart Evacuation

Each e-commerce business deals with a lot of shopping cart evacuation. This is where the customer selects and adds products to their cart, but does not buy the product. Various factors influence the customers to pay, including no shipping or delivery information, high delivery charges, slow page load or confusion about the product purchase.

Imagine this scene, suppose your website has 50,000 monthly visitors and the average transaction cost is $35. Your conversion rate is 1% or 500 clients. If you increase the conversion rate by 25%, then your business can earn up to $ 5000 per month. These numbers can only be obtained by integrating a chatbot on your website.

It has been seen that Reminders messages sent by Chatbot recover 13% to 20% and generates 5 to 10 times more revenue. Altogether, you this can be done by a small chatbot.

Benefits of using chatbots are

  • Get higher open rates than email.
  • Give customers a personalized communication channel with your brand. Apart from this, you can find out why they evacuate the cart and also you can fix this problem. 
  • More people likely to click without leaving Messenger.
  • Does not end up in spam or promotion folders.
  • Chatbot messages go straight to inbox and are always seen by customers.
  • Save your business’ HOURS of your time and make online shopping EASIER by letting a chatbot answer most frequently asked question from customers quickly.

5. Fetching Deliver and Shipping Messages

Before and after the purchase, customers have many questions about the delivery and shipping of their products at e-store. Questions coming before sales cover topics such as delivery time, packaging quality, shipping cost and scheduling options. If the customer will not get any answer to these questions, it will prevent the buyer from spending money on the site.

After purchasing the product the customers may look for tracking shipment information and also request periodic updates for its location and estimated delivery date. Failure of not getting any updates will cause a lot. Customer will think twice when he/she wants to buy any product for next time. 

A Chatbot allows the online store to provide updates and information related to delivery and shipping of the product to the customers. Questions on the shipping can be easily fed in the script, and can be promptly answered to customers who need information.

6. A Chatbot Offers Product Guides

A chatbot can be an excellent product guide. And the best part is that they can learn from many products in a pinch and they will never get bored with their jobs. Humans may bored, frustrated, etc but bots can't.

Customers generally do not know where they should look for when they want detailed information about the product they want to buy. When you need help, chatbots give you an opportunity to talk to them. It helps in driving more sales. 

More than 83% of online buyers need help when they complete their order. And more than 70% of these would expect help within a minute. And if the customers do not get the required help, they just go to their rivals. For example Amazon buyers may shift to Flipkart.

It's all about chatbot. I think it's enough for all of us to understand the importance of Chatbot in the world of Technology. What you are thinking about this article? What's your review on this post? Any advantage of chatbot is missing? If yes, then share it with us in the comment box.

Free feel to share your thoughts, ideas, etc. And stay tuned with us at LunaticAI.

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