Here's How Adobe Created an AI to Spot Photoshopped Faces

Here's How Adobe Created an AI to Spot Photoshopped Faces

Here's How Adobe created an AI to spot Photoshopped Faces

Fake media content, especially photos and videos, is seen as the next wave of misinformation.

People have started using complex techniques to manipulate photos/videos and mar the public image of high-profile celebrities, politicians, etc

Now you may soon have a way to find out when an image has been modified.

Adobe's technology, particularly Photoshop, has long been serving as a way to make the harsh, sometimes rigid, turns into images.

You can easily adjust an individual's facial features, emotions and skin tone of a person's face using a handful of photoshop tools.

This can be good for memes, but there are many moral implications of the capabilities like these. 

Therefore, the company has developed an AI ​​device to detect manipulations

Recognizing the potential effects of its own technology, Adobe collaborated with a group of researchers from UC Berkeley to create an AI device that can detect manipulation of face images.

The system depends on machine learning and detects faces that have been modified using Photoshop's Liquify - the tool used to adjust facial features and expressions. This tool is quite accurate.

Here's How Adobe created an AI to spot Photoshopped Faces

The team trained a neural network using the database of a Liquify-edited image. 

According to the report, it was found that the output obtained by this process is 99% accurate.

This was way higher than the score of humans, who could only detect photoshopped images 53% of the time; it also suggests how to bring the photo back to its original form.

However, it's worth noting that the system still needs to be developed to detect more complex changes, such as body manipulation and photometric editing.

In near future this may be the key for detecting fake photos and videos, but at present, there is no plan to convert it into a commercial product.

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