"World’s first AI Whiskey" What?

"World’s first AI Whiskey" What?

"World’s first AI Whisky"

When whiskey is made in Kentucky, it is called whiskey, When it is made in Scotland it is called scotch but when it is made in Sweden using Artificial Intelligence, it is called unbelievable. This week, Microsoft announced that it has developed the "world's first whiskey with artificial intelligence" in collaboration with Fourkind and Mackmyra Whiskey.

Until now, this whole process is done by humans with a specialized set of skills. For the A.I. blend, Mackmyra is turning part of the job over to the machines.

The distillery is feeding the customer's preferences, current recipes, and sales data to Machine Learning model, so AI can assist what recipes it should make next.

Mackmyra says, Artificial Intelligence is capable of making more than 70 million different types of whiskeys. And it will expose those which will be the most popular and of highest quality, depending on the types of casks which are currently on hand.

The combination of old fashioned cask-aged flavor and cutting-edge AI produces unique flavors that, potentially, could be a hit with enthusiasts.

The Machine Learning models used in this processes are driven by Microsoft's Azure cloud platform and Azure cognitive services. Microsoft in a blog post explained that the algorithms developed by the Fourkind are also involved in this processes.H

However distillery notes that, this AI methods will not replace master blenders. McEmara's Master Blender "Angela D'Orio said “The work of a Master Blender is not at risk." “The work of AI is only to create different whiskey recipes, it means still their is requirement of Humans. We still benefit from a person’s expertise and knowledge, especially the human sensory part, that can never be replaced by any program. We believe that the whiskey is A.I.-generated, but human-curated. Ultimately, the decision is made by a person.”

Microsoft says this is the first time Artificial Intelligence has been used to elevate the process of making whiskey. The finished product will be available in autumn 2019.

What do you think How interesting this solution will be? Comments your review and free feel to share your thoughts. Your comments are always welcome if they makes sense.

So stay tuned for more trending news and latest updates on Artificial Intelligence.

source: Microsoft

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