A High School Student uses AI to Detect Plant Diseases

A High School Student uses AI to Detect Plant Diseases


Mehdi's mother, Afshin grows rose shrubs at her home in Lawrenceville. But a few years ago, the plants kept getting diseases, ruining the blooms.
Mehdi tried to detect flowers disease by Googling images of plant diseases and comparing those images with the sick roses. 

She said "I became pretty good at figuring it out," and that sparked an idea. "I thought we could possibly train a computer to do the same thing." This is the point where Mehdi came up with PlantMD, a smartphone app that can detect a plant disease.

She spent some time in researching how to make an app and how to learn code. She is very curious and as you all know if you are curious to do something great then no one can stop you. She spent her summer vacation in learning how to code and build an app called PlantMD. 

She said "You don't have to be a super genius to get into coding". "Really anyone can do it with an idea and persistence."

How Mehdi build PlantMD? 

Using Google TensorFlow, an open source platform for machine learning she started working on PlantMD. After three months of researching, coding and getting some help from her high school teachers, Mehdi launched PlantMD.

She said, PlantMD work begins "When you take a photo of a plant. The app will give information of plants like what is the name of plant, whether it is healthy or diseased, and if it is diseased, then what is the disease?"

After writing a story about her app development in her local paper, a Google video team came to know more because she had used its TensorFlow software. They flew her to California to speak about her work at a conference. Wired also published an amazing article about her work. All of this happened just as Mehdi is in first year at the Georgia University.

Her role in PlantMD created a strong interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and Mehdi is now motivated to go beyond just recognizing Plant's diseases, something that she plans to do as a computer science major at the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.

Mehdi said "I really like the ability to make technology more human, and I think there are so many potential applications for it." She wants to use Artificial Intelligence in a way that will benefit all humans.

She said, Whenever I have spare time, I use to learn new things and try improve my coding skills. I think this summer could be a great opportunity for me to invent the next thing.

Everyone should learn something from this girl. She has just started her college and without any knowledge, skills, and other resources she build an amazing app i.e. PlantMD

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Source: University of Georgia

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