Why Google's Chief Scientist said "I am afraid of Humans, not Artificial Intelligence"

Why Google's Chief Scientist said "I am afraid of Humans, not Artificial Intelligence"

Google's chief decision scientist, Cassie Kozyrkov, shared her views on the use, manufacture and responsibility of Artificial Intelligence at TheNextWeb 2019 conference, in which she told that Artificial Intelligence is just a tool, while explaining her reason of why people should not afraid of AI, but the creators of AI.

The chief decision scientist, in an interview, said that although automation is normal nowadays, the history of human is a history of automation that was started when the first human raised the rock and beat the second rock. According to Cassie, humans are tool making species.

In a discussion on a topic “Automating Beyond Human Expression,” decision scientist argued that Artificial Intelligence is a tool, yet it is better than human mind, but if this technology is recognized in such a way then it should be said that pens and papers are quite better than human as they can record everything fairly. 

Cassie supported her statement that tool should be better than human, otherwise it would be get rid of our lives.

Google's decision scientist believed that Sci-Fi films are horrible distractions due to which people are afraid of Artificial Intelligence. She expressed her belief that movies have more illusion and nonsense than science, despite viewers finding them teaching everything about robots they know.

In an event, the scientist who think that Artificial intelligence is created by humans because of their aspiration, talked about the responsibility that it is the responsibility of a human to use Artificial Intelligence carefully, and that’s what afraid her of humans, not Artificial Intelligence.

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