Google has Launched a Singing and Joking AI Virtual Assistant in Saudi Arabia

Google has Launched a Singing and Joking AI Virtual Assistant in Saudi Arabia

An AI-driven Virtual Assistant that can sing and joke in Saudi-dialect has been launched by Google in Saudi Arabia. 

According to the Google, the app has been designed to engage in hands-free, two-way conversations and understand various Saudi dialects. The app uses machine learning to give replies in standard Arabic.

Google's Product Marketing Manager for Middle East and Africa, Najeed Jarrar said that the company has been working on the development of this app since 2017. And now this app is ready to rock in the rock.
Jarrar said "Working on products that handle right-to-left languages is generally a long process, and especially in Arabic, considering the importance of diacritics in speech".

Jarrar said that due to its machine-learning technique, the app will better understand different pronunciation of the same word over the time, and will learn a user's requirements and preferences as it extends its functionality.

In addition to helping users complete tasks with their phones while running, like setting an alarm and finding information on the web - it can also answer the 'funny' questions like 'Do you love me?' and will draw on cultural elements in the form of plays, viral videos and traditional Arabic poetry.
The app will also be available in Egypt, where it will be able to understand the Egyptian dialect.

To use the Virtual Assistant, users must download the Google app and make sure they have the latest version of their mobile operating system and their language should be set to Arabic.

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