GoBetween: A Police Robot that could make Traffic Stops more Safer

GoBetween: A Police Robot that could make Traffic Stops more Safer

GoBetween: A Police Robot that could make Traffic Stops more Safer

A California man has created a robot, which he hopes will take some dangers out of the traffic stop - those potentially deadly encounters between police officers and motorists that play out on American roads more than 50,000 times a day

How it works? 

The GoBetween robot is connected to a rod that extends from an official's car to a motorist's window which will allow the officer and motorist to communicate with each other without leaving their vehicles. 

Reuben Brewer, a mechanical engineer at SRI International and the inventor of this robot said in an email that "I am tired of hearing the news of motorists or cops getting shot or run over in traffic stops, which usually seemed like preventable situations. I'd be very excited about this robot to save even a single life ... nobody should die in the traffic stop."

He further added that "GoBetween has all the tools needed to operate the traffic stops, which include a tablet screen, webcam, signature pad and a small printer which extracts the citations. Also, the robot is purely defensive so it will not hurt the motorist." 

A video posted by SRI International shows how the proof-of-concept prototype robot works: Once the vehicle of the officer is parked behind the motorist's car, the GoBetween moves to the driver's side window, where it becomes the eyes, ears, and mouth of the officer. An automatically planted spike strip against the back wheel of the car prevents the motorist from driving away until the traffic stop.

Video Link: GoBetween Robot

According to the expert, this robot can be used for a temporary purpose because it will not able to handle such a big problem. Brewer, who built the first version of GoBetween in his garage and prepared it to test in his car, agrees with the queries of the experts and said: This is only a part of the solution and I hope that one day it can save a life.

Brewer said that he is now working on a second prototype that can reach the car's passenger side window, adding that he hoped to secure funding to further develop the bot and organize the field trials with police.

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