Frontier: World's Most Powerful Super Computer that will Understand the Full Potential of AI

Frontier: World's Most Powerful Super Computer that will Understand the Full Potential of AI

Frontier: The World's Most Powerful Super Computer will Understand the Full Potential of AI
We are very curious to say that the world's most powerful supercomputer is on the way to arrive in the World of Technology. The US Department of Energy (DoE) has announced the budget of $600 million to build the world's fastest supercomputer called Frontier. This supercomputer will be jointly developed by AMD and Seattle-based supercomputer expert Cray.

Frontier supercomputer will be able to complete 1.5 quintillions calculations per second and will join Aurora to become the second of the two deportation systems planned by US DoE for 2021. Just think about the number of calculations that Frontier will able to do. It is unimaginable.

The machine, upon completion at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), will become 10 times faster than the fastest supercomputer and is expected to be used in areas such as artificial intelligence, climate modeling, cancer treatment research, and atomic physics.

Senior Vice President and CTO of Cray, Steve Scott said, "The combination of Cray and AMD technology in the Frontier system will rapidly increase performance at scale for Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and Simulation. It will empower DoE to further push the boundaries for research and development in future technologies.

Aurora is the first $500 million supercomputer project, funded by DoE. Featuring the technology from Intel Corporation, it is being developed at Argonne National. Other countries including China, Japan, and the European Union are also available in the race to build all exascale machines, with China taking up 227 spots of the top 500 supercomputers in the world. The US comes in a distant second at 109.

Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy at DoE, also acknowledged that the computing capabilities of the DoE will be important to securely achieve America's dominance in Artificial Intelligence. But he considered it as a challenge. Just wait and watch. 

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  1. The Frontier supercomputer can be utilized to prove that Lotfi A. Zadeh was wrong. He invented in the 1960s the Fuzzy logic theory and some of his colleagues are convinced that boolean logic can be overcome. The newly build $600 million machine will show, that fuzzy sets for analyzing large amount of data won't be much faster than using conventional deeplearning techniques which are based on crisp logic.

    With the computational capacity of a supercomputer it is possible to a build a virtual world in which different hypothesis can be tested against each other. This allows to demonstrate that probabilistic logic is a dead end. Only robots who can decide between yes and no, wrong and false can be used for practical purposes. It's important to treat algorithm and computing from an objective point of view.