Data Hunter: A New Technology Job

Data Hunter: A New Technology Job

Data Hunter: A New Technology Job

Data Scout, or Data Acquisition Specialist or you can call it as Data Hunter, may be considered as one of the sexiest career in the Data Science Industry. 

Is there a new sexy tech job title on the horizon, like the "data scientist"? If there is any job which can be considered as the sexiest job after data scientist, may be it could be a job of Data Hunter. Organizations are starting to look for professionals called "Data Hunters" or "Data Scout."

What will be the roll of Data Hunter in the company?

Data Hunters are technology professionals with the knowledge, experience, and skills required to source and gather external data sets. By combining the company's internal data with data from external sources, organizations get deeper insights from their Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence initiatives.

According to Forrester, 66% of global data and analytics decision makers at high-growth enterprise says that they are expanding their ability to source external data. That number compares to just 51% at slow growth companies. But collecting external data is an art and a science by itself, which has created a demand for the professionals who can contribute their knowledge and skills in the company.

Jennifer Belissent, a principal analyst at Forrester said that "Any company that is looking to be insights-driven will need to have somebody who keeps looking at the data market to identify differentiated sources of information."

Jennifer said "The hunter element comes into play with the vast new number of sources that are available." For example when the companies begin to commercialize their data. Organizations are also starting to turn unstructured data into structured data sets through services that crawl websites and index search results, or through prices scraped from different web sites, or from customer comments. There's a huge amount of external data that can be gathered now.

Forrester doesn't yet have figures on how many organizations have this role within their data organizations. Core skills for this role hit on a couple of areas

Data Hunter must have a clear understanding of the business in order to understand its data needs, particularly when those needs can't quite be attached by the business itself. They must recognize what data is suitable in order to answer the questions articulated by the business. Also, these professionals should understand the external data market and a familiarity with external data sources.

But is this a new sexy job like "Data Scientist" was at one point?

"I think so," Belissent said. But, "It's definitely a supporting role, so maybe not as sexy as the data scientist. When you look at it as someone who is identifying a new bunch of modified information, then that person could be very tactic to the organization, if they are very creative and can identify that high value data."

So what do you think Is Data Hunter the next sexiest job after Data Scientist? Or it is a job similar to ordinary jobs? Share your reviews in the comment box and free feel to share your thoughts. And stay tuned for more updates on Data Science.

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