Will AI Fly our Planes?

Will AI Fly our Planes?

Will AI Fly our Planes? lunaticai

Although commercial airlines already have onboard automation that meets certain tasks, AI will eventually help pilots handle various situations and will actually act as an 'artificial pilot'.

The SMARTAP Research Program - A collaboration between the Institute of Aerospace Technologies at Malta University, and QuAero Limited - is a project that will give artificial intelligence (AI) the possibility of helping pilots to blow up commercial planes.

Currently, when any incidents occur and aircraft sensors fail, it is dependent on pilots to handle the situation manually. So AI will be very helpful in the future to control this situation.

If the aircraft enters the 'abnormal situation' and the pilot is unable to fix the situation, then the plane may crash and kill or harm the passengers. Last year in March a very bad incident happened that is, a Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed, in which 157 people were killed.

By calculating different assessments and protocol rather than the pilot, AI is ready to assist the pilots in these scenarios. It will also be responsible for monitoring weather forecasts from different sources and airports, which are currently being done by pilots.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are already being used in various areas, such as the recognition of voice in the smartphone, facial identification in security cameras and automatic control of driverless cars.

This € 195,000 SMARTAP project is funded by the Malta Council for Science and Technology on behalf of the Foundation for Science and Technology. So that's it. What's your review about "Will AI can control all the situation of Plane and also Will AI Fly our Planes"? Throw your review in the below-given comment box. And for more updates stay tuned with us on LunaticAI.

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