Autodesk and two others Revealed the World's First Production Chair with Artificial Intelligence

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Philippe Starck, Autodesk, and Kartell have revealed the world's first AI chair at Salone del Mobile. This AI chair was designed by Starck, using prototype generative design software developed by Autodesk.

The software company said, "It is the first chair manufactured by Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with the human."

Stark used Autodesk's prototype software to build a strong, stable chair using the least material, through a process that he described as "a lot like having a conversation".

Stark said "Kartell, Autodesk and I asked a question to Artificial Intelligence: Do you know how we can relax our body using the minimum amount of ingredients?"

"Artificial intelligence does not have culture, memories or effects and therefore it can only react with its 'artificial' intelligence. AI chair is the first chair designed outside the human brain and outside of our habits".

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Through inputs by Starck, the software was gone through a learning process so that a chair could be made comfortable, structurally sound, and followed the beauty preferences of both Kartell and Starck.

Autodesk described the final design of the chair as a "collaboration" between Starck, Kartell and the software.

Autodesk said "Working with AI-Assisted Systems was like a child learning". "As the conversation continued, and Stark became more vigilant towards those ways in which he told what he wanted, the refinement of the requirements enabled the software to know more about their design intent, and ultimately became more efficient".

The chair is constructed through injection molding, a construction technique that was taught to the software so that when it comes to the design, it will keep in mind the barriers to the process. Autodesk believes that progress in Artificial Intelligence and generative design tools will improve the work of designers.

At last Autodesk added that "Through a collaborative relationship with Artificial Intelligence, humans will find their design and engineering expertise by enhancing the ability to innovate with more productivity".

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