3 AI And IoT Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

3 AI And IoT Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

3 AI And IoT Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Do you know where do you come in the IoT adoption stage? Unless you are learning about its integration into various techniques and current systems that appreciate IoT, it is not important. The following post emphasizes the artificial intelligence and IoT trends in 2019.

Why Artificial Intelligence will be in Trending in 2019?

According to a recent Deloitte study, 82% of the companies have already invested in Artificial Intelligence and have received a financial return on their investment. For companies among all industries, the average return on investment from cognitive technologies is 17%.

AI is changing daily life and business operations in a way seen during the last industrial revolutions. Current products are being increased (as per 44% of respondents), internal (42%) and external (31%) operations are being optimized and better business decisions are made (35%).

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) have already fallen into the endless pit of buzzword-haziness. These technologies evolve with each passing day. After hours of detecting the insights of dozens of emerging technology officers and researchers and primary market research firms, We are here with this post that may help in the ending of the fact that why using a myriad connected devices is important in the coming years. Let me show you a glimpse that AI's combination with Internet of Things can work wonders for any business.

Let's go through the Trends in AI and IoT in 2019

1. Smart Thermostat Solution

The concept of smart homes has not revolutionized most of us. Fortunately, many companies have the goal of changing. Let's take an example of Nest. Being an IoT device, the Nest allows you to check temperature and control from anywhere. Its look, feel and interface made the device more amazing and easy to use. The device "learns" which are regularly temperature preferences for its end users, and is also adapts to the work schedule of its users by turning down energy use.

2. Automatic Vacuum Cleaners: iRobot Roomba

iRobot is one of the most successful automated vacuum released in the year 2002. A company named MIT Robotics came up with such techniques to help its puck-shaped vacuum robots to map and “remember” several tasks such as a home layout, adapt to different surfaces or new items, clean a room with the most efficient movement pattern, and dock itself to recharge its batteries.

Although the use of artificial intelligence applications are not celebrated as a wide consumer AI advances such as Facebook face Recognition or Apple's Siri, yet it is the industry standard in its class.

3. Rising Speed in Autonomous Vehicles: Tesla, Byton, etc

Today we are residing in an era where cars are referred to things; A digital era is taking advantage of powerful artificial intelligence; Motor vehicle technology turns out to be ahead of the curve. Autonomous vehicles are something that can be said to be the most comfortable IoT innovation to brought in our life. Consequently, all major car manufacturers appear to throw dollars on the problem; This is definitely the speed. You may be interested in knowing that Google's self-driving employs machine learning in different circumstances to predict the exact behavior of cars and pedestrians.

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