7 Future Prediction in Artificial Intelligence

7 Future Prediction in Artificial Intelligence

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Top 7 Future Prediction in Artificial Intelligence are

  • Chinese AI researchers are ready to overtake their American counterparts in the context of the number of published scientific papers, which have a significant impact on the field. The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence predicts that by 2020, China will produce the top 10% AI paper in comparison to the US, and by 2025 it will produce even the top 1% of the study.

  • The vast majority of companies (more than 70%) want to invest more in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the form of cyberspace tools or any other way. However, some business leaders and cybersecurity experts really understand these techniques (Celonis and Webroot).

  • The majority are still worried about AI which is taking most jobs, although an important minority wouldn’t mind putting AI in charge of making important governance-related decisions (IE University).

  • An AI tech bubble is going in, in which investors are ready to throw the startup of billions or trillion dollars only because they claim to work on AI.

  • AI is still far from perfect, and it may always remain distorted.

  • Deep learning has finally received official recognition as a central AI paradigm.

  • Major educational institutions are increasingly committed to advance human-centric AI research.

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