Top 10 Apps Every Data Scientist Must Use Once

Top 10 Apps Every Data Scientist Must Use Once

Are you searching for the best Data Science Apps for your smartphone? Here is the List of top 10 mobile apps that will help you increase your important data science and analytical skills. These free apps can improve your various skills including listening capabilities, logical skills, basic leadership qualities and more. You do not have to take your laptop or PC the whole day to get excellence in your workplace. Now it's time to take breaks from the daily routine and adopt quick learning strategies. The solution is simple, just take out your smartphone, download these apps and use it anywhere.

Is it possible to run Python on your smartphone?

Yes, the mobile app had its own advantages and there was a lot of enthusiasm in our methods to learn. The subjects which were difficult to understand, are currently taught by using pictures and stories in your mobile or tablet. You can recover them at any place, even if you are at home or not.

Here's a collection of some precious apps that can enhance your important data science and analysis skills. These applications can increase your learning capabilities, logical skills, basic leadership qualities, curiosity, etc. which are more powerful than our expectations. We have collected these mobile applications in different categories, we are all aware of our weaknesses. These Android apps are available for free on the Google play store. So let's take a look at the various apps of Data Science.

Top 10 Data Science Applications are

1. Elevate

Elevate - Brain Training App for Data Scientist
Elevate is a brain training program designed to improve attention, speaking skills, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more. A customized brain training program optimized for the purpose of enhancing your intellectual skills. There are 3 practices per day in your brain training course. Activities are selected based on previous performance. If you are weak in some perspective, you can expect those activities more often. There are various training programs in this app though not available in the free version. Overall, it is successful in providing encouraging knowledge.

2. Lumosity

Lumosity: A brain training app for data scientist
Lumosity is a customized brain training program and also supports brain training games. These games are enough to challenge your original logic. This app will assist you with improving reading, writing, mathematical and logical capabilities. Customized training programs are extremely attractive and addictive. Every day you get 3 exercises for brain training. More exercises are also available, which can be made available with payment.

3. NeuroNation 

NeuroNation: A fitness app for your brain
NeuroNation is a fitness app for your brain. This can help you with improvement in memory, concentration, logical thinking and intelligence. It comprises of various set of exercises, creatively designed more than 60 programs. It also allows you to challenge your peers and measure your weekly performance. You’ll get limited programs in the unpaid version. Still, they are worth trying. If you sincerely use these apps, for a few minutes every day, it can bring a huge change in your life.

4. Math Workout

Math Workout: A Brain Training App for Data Scientist
Math Workout app will help in different stages of life. To keep it clear, you should build your psychological math skills. To make numerical calculations on the fingers, prepare your goal with the ultimate goal. This is an amateur level application. There are exciting activities to help you achieve this numerical instinct.

5. QPython

QPython: A programming app to run python on smartphone
QPython helps you run Python on your phone. This helps your Android device run Python content and tasks. It is the best compatible on Python 2.7 and it is a highly rated app. Includes Python Interceptor, Editor and SL4A Library for Android. It includes additional valuable Python libraries. It can also execute the Python code and documents from the QR code.

6. Learn Python

Learn Python: Mobile App with huge amount of python tutorials
Learn Python is an Android App for all the users who are tired of using their laptop or PC for learning python. Now you can easily learn python using Learn Python. Here's a Python tutorial for your Android phone. This tutorial includes the basics in Python, Data Types, Control Configuration Module etc. For a better learning knowledge, this director's practice also includes true-false, jumbled puzzle and question-answer. This is an incredible starting point for inspired people to learn Python.

7. Learn R Programming

Learn R Programming: A Programming App for Android devices
Learn R Programming is same as Learn Python. Like Python, you can also learn R on your Android device. This application introduces you to the fundamental principles of R programming. This app is most suitable for amateur This includes vector, task, matrices, factor, data frames, lists etc.

8. Basic Statistics

Basic Statistics: An Android App for Data Science Beginners
Basic Statistics app is for freshers in data science/analysis. Think of this app as a boost on graph and frequency distribution, data description, hypothesis testing, and many other different statistical measures. If you are getting ready to take the exam, then this can be an ideal guide for you.

9. Probability Distribution 

Probability Distribution: An Android App containing basic principles of Data and Statistics for Data Scientist
Probability Distribution will be the next step after understanding the basic principles of data and statistics. This app enables you to withstand sophisticated functions in your Android gadgets. You should be familiar with probability distribution like binomials.

10. Udacity

Udacity: An Android App for Free Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Programming Courses
Udacity App offers a wide variety of courses. Since this is a mobile app, you can take courses in mobile devices. It does not matter on their website or mobile app. The app has a decent UI and simple to use.

It can be difficult to download all 10 apps on your Android device. With the speed of mobile app development, every day more apps are launched to satisfy users. To take advantage of the benefits of these applications, you should take some time and set aside for spending on training exercises.

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