Five most Important things to remark in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Five most Important things to remark in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

artificial intelligence and machine learning news

Regardless of how fascinating the future of Artificial Intelligence is, there should always be some doubt in this regard. Movies have embarrassed us to believe that the age of robots can be dominated by humans, but people still ignore Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. If applied well, then mankind can perform miracles with smart machines. They can affect our daily lives very much and, of course, life will be easy if we use it in a smart way. For businesses, this could change the way people interact with their products and services. This can redefine a company like changing a logo. Some people believe that a slight change in the logo can do a lot for the company's reputation, which one can imagine. 

Back to the point, Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has always been a hot topic of discussion in recent years and it will also be a hot topic in future. It has influenced our lives in unimaginable ways and we will discuss here some small things that can be more important than we feel. Let's see.

1. Reliance on tech companies on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

artificial intelligence and machine learning news

The chances of smart machines errors and efficiency make Artificial Intelligence a great tool for building a business. As the common saying, Artificial Intelligence is the future. Therefore, the clear sight of tech giants was always on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Veterans like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, Twitter, and their ilk either started their projects related to it or planned to get businesses in the AI ecosystem. Mark Zuckerberg had immediately removed that mark when he launched the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) Group in 2013.

Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview that "Facebook cannot exist without AI today." "Every time you use Facebook or Instagram or Messenger, you may not realize it, but your experience is being operated by AI."

Did this make you scratch your head? Well, it's obvious. but it's true. When using Facebook or Instagram, your finger and every word emerging from your mouth is being monitored. For example, you might have noticed that the ads you see are of the things that you have recently searched for or about whom you are talking about.

Google joined the AI mission in 2014 by acquiring $ 400 million Artificial Intelligence Startup called DeepMind. AI plays a very big role in Google's products. Be it their digital assistant or the algorithms used by their search engine, it has changed the game for them and many others as well.

Amazon also has an AI-powered shop which is called Amazon Go in Seattle. You must have heard about their popular Voice Assist Alexa, who analyzes and processes natural language using neural networks and responds appropriately. In addition, their superb implementation of "antiseptic shipping" has done wonders for their e-commerce stores. With the help of antiseptive shipping, they are able to estimate products that are not likely to be bought by people in a particular area. Depending on the search history and details of previous orders, they estimate the products that the users are likely to order - yes that's how their prime delivery system is successful.

Apart from these, another tech-group, who has given some serious attention to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, is Microsoft. In the year 2016, he created an Artificial Intelligence and Research Group. A few months before coming to the end of that year, they gave birth to a new fund for AI-based start-ups. He funded the AI-incubator in Montreal and acquired five companies in the year 2018.

To be honest, it is not surprising to see the technical giants behind Artificial Intelligence. A future without AI seems indispensable at this point and new dimensions are exposed every other month in the AI-ecosystem, we can only expect more money flow around AI-related inventions.

2. Driverless Cars

artificial intelligence and machine learning news

Are they really safe? or  Will you really risk your life by allowing technology to wheels to handle?

The idea of driverless cars has probably become a fleet for many suspects in the early days, but you must have seen how tales of driverless cars have influenced tabloids. Imagine traffic, where your hands are not busy in steering, instead, you are taking a pack of snacks and drinking coke slowly on your favorite R & B track - we are not discussing any future movie, in this way your commute really look like in some years. The origins of the concept of driverless cars can have been hostile by ordinary people, but this idea has gradually made its place in the minds of the people.

In all fairness, drivers without cars can actually do much better for the roads as you think. If the idea of accidents intimidates you, keep in mind the fact that about 1.2 million people die due to automobile related accidents every year. Also, a survey of Forbes and Statista shows that 81% of the driving accidents are due to human error. On the other hand, non-driving vehicles, firstly, provide relief to those who do not know driving. Roads will be free from insane respect and cases of drunk driving will only be found in the old archives of news websites. To not mention, women should be free from conservative restrictions that are available for driving.

However, there are some drawbacks in almost every technical progress and driverless cars also have some disadvantages. There are two big problems with them to keep away from the dangers of hacking and to resolve the discontent when some automobile-related jobs will start getting obsolete. But these two areas will surely be seen and the overall impact of non-driving cars will be positive as expected.

3. Change in the Nature of the jobs

artificial intelligence and machine learning news

This is probably one of the many reasons why people do not encourage the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. And it makes sense to a limit. Think about it: When you find out that your job may be antiquated in the future, how would you feel? It looks scary, but AI will soon replace many industries in ways that people can not guess.

Both of these changes the overall mobility of business analysis.  Be it forecasting, predictive maintenance or the kinds of optimizations that smart machines can do, these things have put a lot of jobs in danger. For example, driverless cars will replace the needs of cab drivers. Companies like Uber, Ola, etc are already active about it.

Although this is a matter of concern for some, the high level of optimism of others eclipses the idea as people focus more on the fascinating possibilities that the technology has to offer.

4. Make healthcare more efficient and refined

artificial intelligence and machine learning news

AI can change the face of the healthcare industry and increase its productivity at an exponential rate. This is the answer to many losses which affect the efficiency of the industry and the fundamental organization. Let's discuss some key things with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

One of the thing that is hated by both patients and doctors is the paperwork. Medical procedures take the exact weight of the paperwork and sometimes longer than the treatment. With AI in the frame, we spend more time treating patients instead of having data clerks. Voice recognition technology can be used to collect patient data and perform minor trials. A smart machine can scan images more than a thousand times faster than humans, and accelerated processing of medical images can lead to the whole time of the entire medical process. Tons of data is generated in a patient's medical record and it takes a lot of time to do it manually. With Artificial Intelligence, you can not only keep records but can also highlight the different aspects of a person's life like their medical history, diet, family history, etc.

There is an important thing for all these things that is time. Using AI, the time will be minimized which will optimize the industry in an unimaginable way and there will be a full technical advancement.

5. Modern Age of Internet Searches
artificial intelligence and machine learning news
Internet search - A new dimension has been added in voice search. With the rise of digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortona, people are slowly moving in this fun way to create questions. But the fun does not stop at searches; In 2019 people are doing a lot more than just asking questions from their digital assistants. People can now book the ride, order pizza and many other things that were more time consuming when earlier processed.

From the perspective of businesses, it can change their fate and provide them with a refreshing place where someone can gain an edge over their rivals. More than half of the companies in the world do not have any voice search strategy and this gives you a great opportunity to gain (if you run a business) profit. When your brand appears on voice search, authenticity is attached to a certain amount along with the image of your brand. Due to relatively less competition, it is easy to promote your business on voice searches.

A True Fact about Americans " One out of Six Americans owns a Digital Assistant." So that's it. What do you think about this topic and content? Please comments your review about this topic.

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