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Best Programming Language for Data Science

So many people are confused about which programming language is best for Data Science? After researching a lot, we got a solution which may be the best future as well as present programming language for Data Science. 

As per the New data from Cloud Academy, they suggests that Python is an increasingly universal programming language in the context of data science, outpacing R, which many data scientists have used for projects.

Particularly, we have found that, in data science jobs posting 70 percent programming language requirement is Python, while only 15 percent mentioned R. 

Few months ago, a KDNuggets poll from technical professionals using both R and Python showed that in the last two years, the use of R in favor of Python has slowed down. They conducted a separate survey from Burtch Works, which has revealed that the use of Python among analytical professionals increased from 53 percent to 69 percent in the same time, while R user base has been decreased by one-third. 

Python is famous for its versatility and scalability, while R is very specific (and many technical professionals have complaints about its scale issues). Although Python is clearly enjoying significant benefits among data professionals, it does not mean that R is slated for the dustbin of technical history. In fact, if you are interested in data science as a profession, then learning both is the best step you could make. 

Enriko Aryanto, the CTO and a co-founder of the Redwood City said that “Combining R and Python is both reasonable and feasible,”

“We run both languages in our data science platform internally. But if I am starting my career all over again today, I might consider focusing on Python rather than R. It’s a more-general language with broader applications.”

Although R does not have users like Python, but it is also firmly entrenched in the current initiatives, especially academic people. But for those tech professionals who already know Python (or who are learning it), and who are interested in learning more about data science, the bigger language can provide an entry point. (And meanwhile, job market for Python developers is very healthy.)

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